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Marilyn - Community Involvment.jpg

Left to Right : Assistant Chief Kennedy, Sgt Fay, Officer Authement, SSKC President Marilyn Little, Tim Thomas, Phoenix Police Foundation, and Chief of Police Sullivan


The Sahuaro State Kennel Club continues to demonstrate its commitment to the community by extending a helping hand to the Phoenix Police K-9 Unit. In a remarkable gesture, President Marilyn Little presented a generous donation of $5,000 to the dedicated unit. This act of generosity not only reflects the club's passion for dogs but also highlights their dedication to enhancing public safety and law enforcement efforts in the Phoenix area. The funds provided by the club will undoubtedly bolster the K-9 Unit's capacity to train and equip their canine partners, thus fortifying their ability to serve and protect the community effectively. Such admirable initiatives showcase the positive impact that community-oriented organizations like the Sahuaro State Kennel Club can have when coming together to support vital public services.


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